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Sunday, March 8, 2015

Doc Gooden prescribes a recipe to recovery for Josh Hamilton

If there is anyone that can relate to Josh Hamilton’s current off-the-field struggles, it is Dwight Gooden. The Cy Young Award winner derailed a potential Hall of Fame career due to his battles with his cocaine addiction, ending up in rehab multiple times during his playing days. This past Sunday at a public appearance in Queens, Gooden took time to share words of encouragement for the troubled slugger.

Dwight Gooden
“It’s very tough because Josh is a good friend of mine,” Gooden said. “A lot of times, you hear, 'He screwed up again.’ Drugs and alcohol are basically a disease. Nobody wants to do that.”

Gooden graphically detailed the negative effects of his drug usage on his career and family life in his 2013 book, “Doc: A Memoir.” Drawing on his experiences of recovering from a relapse, he dispensed some doctoral advice for Hamilton’s road to recovery.

“Right now he’s sick and he just has to get better,” Gooden said. “I’m definitely in his corner. The thing I want to say to Josh is, 'Get around your loves ones; just jump back on the saddle and get it going again.’”

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Dwight Gooden comes clean about his addictions at Nassau County Health Fair

Dwight Gooden visited the Nassau County Health Fair and Expo on Saturday August 9, 2014 at Mitchell Field in Long Island to talk about his struggle with drug addiction during and after his baseball career and how he's kept himself clean for the past three years.

Below is video of Gooden's talk from the event.