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Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Topps Tier One looking to find a fit in collectors' hands

Topps Tier One Baseball continues in the line of Topps' guaranteed hit products. Boasting two autographs and one relic card inside each neatly packed box, collectors know what they’re getting before they peel away the tightly sealed plastic.

2016 Topps Tier One Box / Topps
While the neatly secured foil wrapper tried to veil the hidden treasures that followed, the suspense was tempered by the guarantee of the contents of the three cards inside. With the advent of products like Tier One, the idea of the hunt has been significantly altered.

For some collectors, Tier One plays right into their collecting desires, as they do not have to wade through packs of base set cards to find their cherished autographed or memorabilia cards. This convenience however comes at a price, with retail boxes going for $90. Unfortunately, as a majority of the autographs selling on the secondary market for $10 each, buyers are going to be hard pressed to find value in this product unless they happen upon a 1/1 cut signature, or dual autographs such as Hank Aaron and Mike Trout, or Sandy Koufax and Clayton Kershaw.

The yield for this box was disappointing, with the Andres Galarraga autograph pictured below as the lone highlight of the three cards. Instead of Topps attempting to lure customers with guaranteed hit products, they could be better served by adding these autographs and jerseys to the staples of their product line.

2016 Topps Tier One Andres Galarrage / Topps