Sunday, July 17, 2016

2016 Topps Series 2 is a perfect bridge to the pennant race for collectors

As we head into the second half of the 2016 baseball season, Topps gives fans another reason to stay excited with the release of their 2016 Topps Series 2 Baseball Card set. Filling in the gaps from Series 1 which debuted right at the start of the baseball season, Series 2 baseball is the perfect bridge to the pennant race for collectors.

2016 Topps Baseball Series 2 / Topps
The 350-card base set includes rookie cards of Kenta Maeda and Max Kepler, emerging stars in Carlos Correa and Jurickson Profar, as well as established veterans Alex Rodriguez and Ichiro. The Japanese legend is also featured in an insert set chronicling his chase to 3,000 hits, making it a complimentary piece as he inches closer to one of baseball’s vaunted milestones.

Ichiro Chasing 3K Set / Topps
Fans of Series 1 will find familiar insert sets in the Rainbow Foil and Gold Parallels, a second series of Berger’s Best, and an additional 25-card tribute to the highlights at Wrigley Field. For those chasing autographs, they come in the form of the prospect based Scouting Report set, the Glove Leather Autographs set which features a mix of prospects, veterans, and retired stars — for those looking for their Chicago Cubs fix, significant franchise members signed cards as part of  the 100 Years at Wrigley Field set.

Carl Edwards Jr. Scouting Report Autograph / Topps
The box provided for this review yielded almost a complete set, filling 320 of the 350 cards on the checklist. Each pack in the box contained an insert, including a Scouting Reports autograph, six Gold parallels, three Rainbow Foil cards, and one short printed card. At $60 per box, Topps’ main issue remains a good value for collectors seeking to keep up with Topps’ innovative design and add to the 65-year tradition of building a complete Topps baseball card set.


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