Friday, November 11, 2011

Tom Seaver reflects on the benefits of being a United States Marine

Hall of Fame pitcher and former United States Marine Tom Seaver stood proudly on the podium Friday morning as he saluted the veterans at Citi Pond in Bryant Park. The legendary New York Mets pitcher served in the Marine Corps from 1962-63, and remained on reserve duty until 1970.

Tom Seaver poses with Fordham's Color Guard at Bryant Park / N. Diunte

Seaver repeatedly expressed his respect for the members on active duty, explaining how his time in the military helped better prepare for his baseball career.

“What they taught me was so much about discipline, so much about focus, so much about team spirit,” said Seaver. “Does it sound like I'm talking about baseball? Yes it does, but it came from the Marine Corps.

“Just boot camp, you get through it and you feel like you've accomplished so much,” he said. “The things that I’ve learned, and especially learned to integrate into when I was a pitcher in the big leagues … the discipline and the focus and respect for uniform, etc., were an extremely important part of my career.”

Seaver was also joined by another Hall of Famer, 2011 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Inductee Darlene Love, who serenaded the crowd with a riveting version of the National Anthem. Both were all smiles as they graciously signed autographs and posed for pictures with the active members on hand.

“It couldn't be more rewarding for me to see the passion that these individuals have,” he said.


  1. Tom Seaver was a unsung patriot, like so many of our on-field hero's...Berra, Williams, many of these guys did the greater thing than they could ever do on a diamond - they served - and some fought very hard, like Yogi & Williams, et al - for the country and the fans they played for. Thank you Tom Seaver for your service! Sempre Fi.

    1. We will not likely see again a generation of ballplayers who had to engage in military service.