Sunday, October 31, 2010

Selig supports more teams in the playoffs

Does baseball really need another round of playoffs? Check out the following statement from Commissioner Bud Selig regarding his feelings on expanding baseball's playoff format. How do you feel about baseball wanting to add another round? Where is the support coming from?


  1. I can't stand the idea of adding more teams to the playoffs. I think the system is just right the way it is. It provides exciting pennant races yet keeps the playoffs fairly exclusive.

    Even though I no longer follow it, I used to hate the first round of the NBA Playoffs because half the teams had no chance of going anywhere. It feels that way sometimes with baseball too, so MLB had better not push its luck any further.

  2. God No!! If anything it should be shorter. The NHL did the same thing. When does hockey season finish? Sometime in June? So, I guess the new nickname for the MVP will be "Mr. December"?