Thursday, September 2, 2010

Was Nyjer Morgan really wrong for stealing two bases after being hit?

In an act of retaliation for Washington Nationals outfielder Nyjer Morgan separating the shoulder of Florida Marlins catcher Brett Hayes on Tuesday and then stealing two bases while down eleven runs last night, pitcher Chris Volstad threw behind Morgan which ignited a brawl that almost saw Morgan get his head taken off by Gaby Sanchez.

During the commentary, the announcers remarked that Morgan was wrong for stealing two bases while his team was down 11 runs in the 4th inning. I disagree with the commentators in this case. If Morgan can himself into scoring position after being purposely hit by the opposing pitcher, why not do it? There was plenty of baseball to be played in that game and if he could help creep the Nationals towards closing the gap by getting into scoring position, then he should do it. Morgan later scored on a sacrifice fly. The game ended with the Marlins winning 16-10, but how many of us have seen games that appeared to be a blowout and were decided by one run?

Leave a comment if you think Morgan was right or wrong for stealing those two bases after getting hit.


  1. Go hard, or go home. I don't want to see ANYONE phone it in. Tickets cost money. (MLB Network, too.) Give the fans value for their investment. Cowboy Woody could advise Woody the best:


    Great question, ND. Super post!

  2. If Nyjer Morgan's team was up by 11 runs, I wouldn't have been thrilled with him trying to steal bases.

    But down 11 runs? Do whatever you can to help your team get back in the game.

  3. I would have said that Morgan would have been wrong had the Nationals been up 11-0 on the Marlins. That would have been rubbing salt into the wound. I agree with you that the game was not over and Morgan (regardless of his motives) was doing what any player should do: Get into scoring position.

  4. A quick update. Morgan was given an 8 game suspension for his actions. He denied doing anything wrong besides playing hard baseball after the suspension was handed out.