Monday, January 11, 2010

Willie Mays and Ruben Gomez slugged it out 55 years ago in Puerto Rico

Willie Mays did more than wear out every pitcher in Puerto Rico, he laid out his own teammate Ruben Gomez after an argument during batting practice 55 years ago to this date.

Willie Mays and Ruben Gomez in Santurce

Check the following article for a recap of the events that led to their scuffle and the variety of newspaper reports covering the incident.

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  1. I remember the incident and discussing it with my father when he came home from work. I recently came across the article in one of my files. Mays, Gomez and Giants management all insisted it was nothing. The further stated that Mays coming back to New York was preplanned as he had some appearances to make,in New York. Mays returned for the Caribbean playoffs and after a slow start helped his team along with Don Zimmer to win the championship.