Friday, December 6, 2013

Remember when the Yankees actually developed home grown talent?

Following the reports of the New York Yankees losing one of their homegrown talents, Robinson Cano, to the Seattle Mariners for the sum of $240 million over the course of ten years, the future looks slim in the ranks of the Yankees' current minor league system.

"While the Yankees' minor league system is not quite as bare as it once was, more of the talent currently sits at the lower levels," Jonathan Mayo's prospect expert said in November, 2013. "As a result, it's difficult to see many impact players ready to contribute in 2014."

There was a time; however, when the Yankees had one of the richest farm systems in all of major league baseball. Starting in the late 1940's, through the early 1960's, the Yankees had 22 catchers that were behind Yogi Berra that found their way onto other teams in the major leagues, quite many of them All-Stars. The following is an except of Phil Rizzuto's "The October Twelve," that lists all of the catchers who left the New York Yankees' organization for greener pastures.


Will the Yankees' farm system ever be rich enough again to lather teams with future All-Stars and still be perennial World Series contenders?


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